= "Software And Tools Improving theScreen
by Konrad Gerull      (V.2.0 - July 1996)

SATIS was translated into English by means of the HELIOS programme of the European Community. Translated by Ulrike Drescher.
in German:
"SATIS" = "Software und Allgemeine Tips & Tricks zur Informationsverarbeitung für Sehbehinderte"
DRPV (German Retinitis Pigmentosa Assossation)
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Dear reader !

Many thanks for your interest in our collection of software and advices for the use of computers by people with visual impairments.
The collection SATIS (or NASS) contains public domain or shareware software and hints for customizing important programs (e.g. word processing programs like "WinWord" and "WPWIN") to be used by people with low vision; some of them might be more useful than expensive professional magnification programs (or at least they are good supplements to them).

The collection SATIS contains a printed manual ("Ratgeber") in German language of about 85 pages and 7 disks. These disks contain the manual itself, the software and a lot of more detailed information.

Now you can read the instruction files from Disk 1 directly:

This collection was established by the German Retinitis Pigmentosa Association (DRPV) which is, as you know, a self help organization. SATIS isn't yet finished: the collection should be continued in companion to the further development of common software.

The collection is written in German language, but the version 2.0 of SATIS was translated into Enlish - paid by the HELIOS program of the European Community. It was finished in July 1996.

We would be glad if you help us to improve the collection. Please report errors and malfunctions back to us, and please send us further programs and hints, if you have some. You are allowed to make copies of SATIS in order to help other people, free of charge.

The Software:

We hope our collection is useful and helpful for you. Have much fun!
With best regards,
Konrad Gerull and my assistent Michel Drescher

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